About Our Committee


The Easttown Township Republican Committee (ETRC) is a group of dedicated volunteers who are elected by Republican voters in each neighborhood. The ETRC improves our community with qualified candidates who promote issues that matter to Easttown residents. These include a "community first" approach, fiscal responsibility, public safety, and educational excellence. We believe that local political involvement is one of the best ways to fulfill the promise of our community’s future.

Community First.

Focused on the issues that matter to Easttown residents, including preservation of historic and cultural resources, infrastructure, and community development.

Fiscal Responsibility.

Advocating for good government and supporting fiscal sustainability and transparency.

Public Safety.

Continue to promote strong public safety and support the Police, Fire, and EMS personnel in our community.

World-class Education.

Preparing our students for success in life through an excellent education delivered by high performing and efficient schools.

Committee Members

Committee Chair: Chris Glover

Committee Vice-Chair: Kate Murphy


Committee Members:

Easttown 1 (votes at BES): Kate Murphy; John Murphy (Secretary)

Easttown 2 (votes at BES)*: Karen Murphy-Bullen; Ed Bullen

Easttown 3 (votes at Easttown Library): John Higgins; Paula Salvo

Easttown 4 (votes at DES): Liz Cavanaugh-Kerr; Jim Kerr

Easttown 5 (votes at Trinity)**: Lynn Snyder; Neil Dombrowski

Easttown 6 (votes at St. John’s): Alessandra Nicolas (Treasurer); Sue Butler

Easttown 7 (votes at DES): (vacant)

*Formerly at UMLY

**In the May 18, 2021, Primary Election, Easttown 5 votes at St. John's