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John Emmons

U.S. House Pennsylvania District 6

My name is John Emmons, and I’m running for Congress.
My background is in business. Balancing budgets. Continually improving. Leading hundreds of people. Adapting to an ever-changing economy. 


But 12 years ago – worried about the direction of our country and the world we would leave to our children and grandchildren - I stepped forward to become more involved in politics as a volunteer and leader for causes I believe in.


Today, the foundations of our country are being attacked and undermined by a large, distant, over-reaching federal bureaucracy and elements in our society with strong anti-American views. So, it’s time to take another bold step forward. That’s why I am running for Congress. 


We need to protect and preserve the pillars of America: Individual liberty, personal responsibility, and opportunity - the freedom to pursue one’s dreams. 


I grew up on a small farm. We worked hard for what we had. We were taught important lessons by our parents: In America, we are blessed with freedom. In return, we must take responsibility for ourselves and our families. Work hard. Look out for our neighbors. Give back to our communities. 


I hope you agree with me and will join our campaign. Together, we can reclaim the American dream and the promise of America.

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John Emmons US House Pennsylvania PA National Congress Congressional District 6 PA-6 Republican
Wendy Graham Leland House Pennsylvania PA State Congress General Assembly District 167 Republican

Wendy Graham Leland

PA State Representative - District 167

Wendy began her service to our nation in 1980 when she enlisted in the Army Reserves as a 17 year old senior in high school. After Basic Combat Training, she attended Indiana University of PA where she majored in Pre-Law/Political Science with concentrations in English and Military Science. She was commissioned in 1982 and served in many command and staff capacities throughout her 32-year career in the Guard and Reserves, culminating at the Pentagon and her retirement as a Colonel in 2012. While at the Pentagon, she was the Chief of the Army’s response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Colonel Leland commanded the first National Guard unit mobilized and deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom after the attacks on America on 11 September 2001.

As a civilian, she worked on Capitol Hill on the House Armed Services Committee as one of three staffers for the ranking republican. Wendy then worked for two Washington, DC firms first supporting the Navy and then the National Reconnaissance Office until she moved to Charlestown in 1996 following the birth of her second daughter.

Shortly after moving to Malvern, Wendy joined the Charlestown Planning Commission where she still serves, as well as serving on the Phoenixville Regional Planning Committee, attending many municipal and Great Valley School District events representing Charlestown Township. She served for several years on the Historical & Architecture Review Board. Wendy has been the Judge of Elections for Charlestown Township, the second largest precinct in Chester County, for the past six years.

An active member at her church, Wendy has gone on several mission trips, teaches Vacation Bible School each summer, and is a member of the Preschool In The Valley school board. Together with her family, she volunteers much of her time maintaining her 350-year old historic church as a member of the Board of Trustees.


Wendy has seen an ever-increasing trend in our society in which common courtesy and civility are becoming things of the past, and is proud to be a certified instructor teaching young Americans the importance of respect and duty. Since 2015, Wendy has traveled the nation instructing students on social intelligence skills with JDW Social Education Programs headquartered in Denver. This nationally recognized authority in social skills education believes that these skills empower students to feel comfortable with themselves and others, to communicate more effectively, and to set a leadership example in school, work opportunities, or any social situation, promoting personal growth, confidence and character.


Service to America runs strong in her family. The daughter of a firefighter and mother of four children, Wendy was the Girl Scout Leader for all three of her daughters and involved in all of her children’s activities as they were growing. Lexie lives in Virginia where she works for the Department of Homeland Security and she and her fiancé are firefighters. Tori is an active duty Army Second Lieutenant paratrooper stationed in Alaska. Christy is a student in Texas where she studies fitness and nutrition. Chip is a sophomore at Temple majoring in business and physics. Her husband is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and her brother is an active duty Army Major General in the US Army Corps of Engineers as the Deputy I Corps Commander.

Wendy has run 12 full marathons and is currently training for her 13th in Bagan, Myanmar in November and can be found training on the Chester Valley Trail or hiking with her rescue dogs Max & JT along the Pickering Creek.

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