Meet Mike DiAndrea

“I believe that demonstrating a dedication to community service that improves the Township and continues to make Easttown a special place to live is the most important qualification of a local government official. There is no higher calling than putting aside one’s self-interest for the betterment of others.”

Mike DiAndrea is a lifelong Easttown Township resident who constantly seeks to improve and serve his community.  

Mike is a well-known fixture in Easttown Township.  He has been part of the team at Paoli Hardware for last 29 years and as a volunteer fireman with both Berwyn and Paoli fire companies for over 25 years.  Additionally, Mike has been on the board of T/E Conestoga Football Organization for 20 years.  This organization provides scholarships to to players on the team who are in need.  Finally, Mike has been a member of the Paoli Business Association for the last six years, and served as its president for three years.  He helped to launch the first Paoli Golf Outing to benefit the Paoli Fire Company and Front Porch Trust.  This endeavor raised over $28,000 in scholarship money for Great Valley and Conestoga students. 

As your next township supervisor, Mike will partner with other members of the Board of Supervisors to find solutions to the funding issues for the Emergency Responders and the Easttown Police Department.  Mike will be a citizen advocate for the residents of Easttown Township who have been shut out of their ability to participate in municipal government.  Mike will encourage more open meetings, information distribution, and financial transparency.

Mike has a unique perspective because he has been volunteering and serving the people of Easttown Township for decades, and will continue to strive to improve the quality of life in our community.  He will use this experience to refocus our Board on neighbor input and perspectives.

Mike and his wife Amanda have lived in Easttown for many years with their two daughters, a son, and three dogs. Mike has coached Conestoga Generals Football and the Berwyn/Paoli Little League. He is a graduate of Conestoga High School.  An ardent booster of Conestoga sports teams for nearly 30 years,  and can be seen at many different games each season. Mike also has a security business, and is the Chair for the Youth Aid Panel for the Easttown Township Police Department.